Multi Asset - Pre IPOs, Hedge Funds

Venture Stage Investment

  • Our investment portfolios will primarily target Pre-IPO and Post-IPO KOSDAQ venture stage companies by investing in their Convertible Bonds.
  • This investment strategy provides a more secure, stable, and liquid approach to investing in what we believe is an undervalued segment of the alternative investment market.

Deep Understanding of Technology based Investments

  • Our investment managers come from an engineering background
  • They have a deep understanding of technologies and experience in analyzing market trends
  • Our expertise gives us the ability to perform a through analysis of our target companies including comprehensive technical due diligence

Risk & Absolute Value

  • Anticipatory trading defense for the risk of IPO
  • We actively engage with our pre-IPO portfolio companies to help them achieve an optimum market valuation once launched into the public markets

VC Networks, Deal Sourcing

  • We object to VC invested venture companies, instead we discover new companies by focusing on company visits and market research.
  • Utilizing the outstanding accessibility and strong information of venture companies, target to discover/invest/manage blue-chip firms.
  • Discover blue-chip firms by making the most of strong information on VC networks, Securities and IB networks